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Oh, Grace… 

4 - 8 :)


4:Talk about the thing you regret most so far- I don’t have any regrets, I’m a firm believer that everything happens for a reason

5:Talk about the best birthday you’ve had- probably my 16th birthday last year just because I turned 16, I honestly can’t think of an amazingly spectacular birthday lol

6:Talk about the worst birthday you’ve had- again, I can’t really think of one. I think all of my birthdays have been pretty decent, I really can’t complain

7:Talk about your biggest insecurity- I try to stay positive about myself most of the time but my biggest insecurity is definitely my weight

8:Talk about the thing you are most proud of- i’m really proud of the person I am, my personality and heart I guess is what I’m talking about. I always try to see the good in everything/everyone, I feel like I have a really good understanding of life especially for someone my age. I always put myself in other peoples shoes and I sympathize a lot, very compassionate and loving. I really have a heart of gold (if I can say that without sounding conceded haha)

thank you! (:

Florece Welch for Wonderland Magazine in 2009


She looks like a little fairy. I love her so much. 





people who complain about “getting too many asks”


people who get straight A’s and every test they say “im so gonna fail”image

People who say their art sucks when its clearly amazing


Having a student who just can’t pass his fucking driver’s test